Compression springs are the most common type of helical spring. As the spring is compressed from its free length it applies a resistive force. This increases at a linear rate for a standard compression spring with constant diameter and pitch. John Binns & Son also manufactures conical compression springs, variable pitch compression springs and barrel springs.

Compression springs have a wide range of uses and are found in most mechanical applications; examples being their use in valves, actuators, suspensions and switches. They are also commonly used to reduce vibration and to assist in handling heavy loads, such as to help lower and raise the backdoors on horseboxes.

John Binns & Son has a great deal of experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of compression springs and always welcomes the opportunity to help customers obtain the best possible solution for their product.

The following parameters are important in establishing the correct design of compression spring:

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  • The size of any hole the spring works in
  • The size of any rod or spigot the spring fits over
  • The loads/forces required and the lengths at which they are required
  • The maximum working deflection required
  • The frequency of operation
  • The operating environment. This will determine the choice of material and/or the choice of any finish for corrosion protection.