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Tension Spring Rate [Video]

The rate is the strength of a spring as defined by Hooke's law. Hooke's Law states that the force needed to extend a spring is directly proportional to the distance you stretch it. Hooke's Law can be represented as F = ks. 'F' is the spring's restoring force 'k' is the spring constant 's' is the deflection (extension)

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Brexit Contingency Statement

As the Brexit deadline of 29th March is fast approaching, we feel that it is necessary to communicate to you some points around our Brexit strategy. The main focus of our business is to satisfy the demands of you, our customers. Through the turbulent times ahead our commitment to supply first class parts in a timely fashion will not change. However, we all understand that there will be increasingly difficult trading circumstances under whatever Brexit route the UK finally [...]

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JB Springs Christmas do

The Christmas celebrations have officially started at JB Springs, and it kicked off with an outing to Jungle Rumble in Leeds, a 36 hole adventure golf course. Jungle rumble also has a cocktail bar, mini bowling, a pool table and basketball machines that kept the whole team entertained. The mini golf trip was followed by an exceptional meal at Estabulo Rodizio Bar and Grill. Estabulo is a Brazilian restaurant that prepares all its dishes in an authentic manner, which gives [...]

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Welcome to our new apprentices!

There have been numerous new starters at JB Springs lately, and this includes three new apprentices. The three new apprentices are Scott Tennant (pictured), George Carman, Ben Mcewan. Like all new starters, they have begun their Springtelligence education and have already taken the Level 1 Springtellingence course. They will hopefully graduate as Springtellectuals in the not too distant future.

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