First part for CGR International and use of the CGR strain laboratory

Since officially becoming part of the CGR International family in January of this year, we have now produced our first ever part for CGR Montrichard – which was more than a bit unusual…! The part is a 16mm wire, variable pitch, conical spring. It was great to be able to support another company within the CGR group and we’re excited for the future opportunities which will become available to us. Another market-leading aspect of the CGR group is their [...]

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A Christmas Gift for the CAT

Recently, our team at JB Springs were asked for a spring that would fit a vintage 1926 2-ton Caterpillar (CAT) crawler machine. We were, of course, more than happy to help! Only 8,565 of this model were manufactured between 1925 and 1928 – in which year the 2-ton Caterpillar (pictured above) was discontinued. The machine has a 3-speed gear transmission, 10-inch tracks and a lever in place of a steering wheel. We gifted the spring for the CAT [...]

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Case Study – Hart Walker UK

Local manufacturer Hart Walker UK design and produce hands-free walking devices for young people. They approached our JB Springs team regarding a specific torsion spring design for the brake system on their walkers. Subsequently, we worked with the customer and designed springs meeting their requirements. Now, our springs operate in the rear axle brake system. We tested first-off samples prior to making the production volume. Based in Keighley - 8 miles from our Skipton facility, they combine 30 years [...]

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Machinery In Action: Latour Multi-Slide

One of our oldest pieces of machinery at JB Springs is the Latour Multi-Slide.  The Latour Multi-Slide provides the adaptability needed for our in-house trained engineers to produce simple and complex wireform parts alike. The video below shows the machine producing a hook coned into a tension spring. We undoubtedly love investing in new machines and putting them to good use (like our BM6 in our previous blog post but this old-timer still runs well and is just as [...]

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New BM6 Wireform Machine

As part of our continual investment in the latest spring and wireform production technology, we recently installed an additional Wafios BM6 CNC wire-bending machine to produce our wireform parts, using up to 13mm diameter wire. This machine provides us with further capacity in this area. You can see our original BM6 machine in action on our YouTube channel. This video shows the machine working with our Universal UR10e robot and our Keyence high-speed camera to tightly control dimensions. Established [...]

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Who was Isambard Kingdom Brunel?

Who was Isambard Kingdom Brunel? Isambard Kingdom Brunel was a civil engineer known for constructing bridges, tunnels, viaducts and ships. Born on 9th April 1806 in Hampshire, Brunel was a prominent figure in the engineering industry due to his numerous, now-iconic projects. His unusual name was the result of a combining his parents' names – Sir Marc Isambard Brunel and Sophie Kingdom. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was home-schooled until eight years old, when he learnt Euclidean geometry and became fluent [...]

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Our New Spring Manufacturing Machinery

We continually invest in new machinery and new tools for our compression springs, tension springs, torsion spring and wireform parts. This is part of our commitment to JB Springs staying at the forefront of spring manufacturers Recently, we welcomed a second Itaya RX20 CNC machine to our purpose-built facility - which you can see in action below and in several videos we've filmed and uploaded to our JB Springs YouTube channel - Welcoming the Itaya RX20 and JB Springs [...]

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Welcoming the Itaya RX20

In March, we invested in a brand new CNC machine – our second Itaya RX20. This machine is capable of producing torsion and tension springs, as well as wireform, from 0.5mm up to 2.0mm diameter wire. With a rotary wire feed and rotary wire guide mechanism, this machine makes creating complex wireform shapes accurate and efficient. The machine also boasts laser and camera measurement capabilities – contributing automation and accuracy to the production process of both wireform and compression, [...]

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How Fit and Function Affect Spring Longevity

It is fundamental to optimal spring operation and spring longevity that it fits and works freely within the space available. While this may sound obvious, insufficient space for a spring to operate within is a common cause of spring failure. How Fit and Function of Compression Springs Affects Spring Longevity Compression springs often fit over a rod, within a bore, or sometimes both. It is imperative that the spring does not rub on either of these. This will prevent [...]

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How Material Affects Spring Longevity

This post is the first in our series of blogs about what affects spring longevity. The first question is ‘could a spring last forever?’ and the answer is yes, it could do if The operating stresses are not too high The working temperature does not cause the spring to lose too much load The environment does not cause corrosion The spring is not abused The spring is well-made and free from imperfections. If a spring meets the above requirements, [...]

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