Another Accomplished JB Springs Apprentice

It is always fantastic to celebrate the achievements of our apprentices. Recently, Scott Tennant – who started with us at JB Springs in December of 2018 – completed his Engineering Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship (Machinist Pathway) and has enrolled to complete the Level 4 Higher National Certificate. Congratulations Scott, your hard work is much appreciated here at JB Springs and we are sure you will do just as well in your next certification!

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South Craven Visits JB Springs

On Tuesday 11th October, as part of Bradford Manufacturing Week, South Craven school visited our site at JB Springs in Skipton for a tour and a talk. It was a pleasure to welcome them here and show them ‘behind the scenes’ of spring manufacturing! We first gave a presentation about who we are and what we do here at JB Springs, before a guided tour around the myriad of machines down on the shopfloor – which were busy creating [...]

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Our Apprentice’s Graduation Celebration

Last month, our apprentice Sam Walton received his certificate confirming the successful completion of his Level 3 Advanced Manufacturing Engineering apprenticeship qualification. We’re thrilled to have played our part in this and are proud of his accomplishment. Congratulations Sam! We’ve seen several great success stories in our apprentices over the years at JB Springs, some of which you can read about here.

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Who was Isambard Kingdom Brunel?

Who was Isambard Kingdom Brunel? Isambard Kingdom Brunel was a civil engineer known for constructing bridges, tunnels, viaducts and ships. Born on 9th April 1806 in Hampshire, Brunel was a prominent figure in the engineering industry due to his numerous, now-iconic projects. His unusual name was the result of a combining his parents' names – Sir Marc Isambard Brunel and Sophie Kingdom. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was home-schooled until eight years old, when he learnt Euclidean geometry and became fluent [...]

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The Perfect Present for Little Literature Lovers!

Back in October, a very special book was published – Jo Nelson’s The Secret Story of Springs. What makes this book so special to us, is that we were asked to contribute our spring expertise – and duly did! Published by Oxford University Press, The Secret Story of Springs introduces children to the abundant applications in which springs are used – from tweezers to trampolines – and has a great glossary of 300 words to help children achieve success [...]

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JB Springs Feature in STEM Fantastic Futures

Our Sales Director David is a STEM ambassador with Transpennine STEM Ambassador Hub and joined the Wednesday and Thursday Fantastic Futures webinars. In his cameo, David shared Springtelligence knowledge, like how a tea bag uses springs and what to do if you’re asked to make something impossible…! It was great to hear from other industries, including Becky Richardson and Simon from the Trans-Pennine Upgrade Programme and Senior Director Jenny Thirlway from Iksuda Therapeutics on their development of cancer medicines – with the [...]

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What Did Robert Hooke Discover?

Robert Hooke was born in July 1635 in Freshwater, Isle of Wight. He made a name for himself at the age of 25 as the physicist who discovered the law of elasticity in 1660 (which came to be known as Hooke’s Law). Robert Hooke discovered: Hooke’s Law Micrographia Cells Universal Joint Balance Wheel Iris Diaphragm Hooke's Law Developed between 1658 and 1678 and published in 1679, Hooke’s Law states that the stretching of a solid [...]

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How Fit and Function Affect Spring Longevity

It is fundamental to optimal spring operation and spring longevity that it fits and works freely within the space available. While this may sound obvious, insufficient space for a spring to operate within is a common cause of spring failure. How Fit and Function of Compression Springs Affects Spring Longevity Compression springs often fit over a rod, within a bore, or sometimes both. It is imperative that the spring does not rub on either of these. This will prevent [...]

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How Material Affects Spring Longevity

This post is the first in our series of blogs about what affects spring longevity. The first question is ‘could a spring last forever?’ and the answer is yes, it could do if The operating stresses are not too high The working temperature does not cause the spring to lose too much load The environment does not cause corrosion The spring is not abused The spring is well-made and free from imperfections. If a spring meets the above requirements, [...]

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JB48 ‘Springs’ Back Into Action!

After being turned off once the pandemic broke out, our custom order service JB48 has been switched back on and is ready and raring to begin processing and producing new bespoke springs once more! How it works: Spec your spring or springs online through our website Place your order We’ll manufacture your custom springs to your exact specifications and dispatch your finished springs within 2 working days of you placing your order online Every spring is custom made [...]

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