Giggleswick School Receive Springtelligence Class & Factory Tour

JB Springs’ managing director, Alex Driver, was recently invited to Giggleswick School to give a presentation on all things springs-related to their junior school. The talks were well-received with lots of questions and interest from the students, such as, “Do you think you could go a whole day without using a spring?”  (The answer being, it’s very unlikely.) As a follow up to these talks, the Year 6 group recently came to JB Springs for a tour of the [...]

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First part for CGR International and use of the CGR strain laboratory

Since officially becoming part of the CGR International family in January of this year, we have now produced our first ever part for CGR Montrichard – which was more than a bit unusual…! The part is a 16mm wire, variable pitch, conical spring. It was great to be able to support another company within the CGR group and we’re excited for the future opportunities which will become available to us. Another market-leading aspect of the CGR group is their [...]

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JB Springs Visit The Boyle and Petyt Primary School

Back in September, we volunteered through our position as STEM Ambassadors to take part in the STEM Pen Friends Project. The project’s creation aimed to give children the opportunity to develop their literacy skills as well as gain more of an understanding as to what working in STEM may entail. We were partnered with The Boyle & Petyt school – just down the road in Beamsley – and sent them a PowerPoint presentation all about JB Springs and the [...]

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STEM Pen Friends

Earlier this year, we registered our interest in being involved in a local STEM project called My STEM Pen Friends. It is run by Transpennine STEM Ambassador Hub, of which David and Alex – our Sales Director and Managing Director – are STEM ambassadors. Being a STEM ambassador means hosting, visiting and working with school pupils to inform and inspire them to consider studying STEM subjects. As part of the project, we have since been partnered with Boyle & [...]

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Work experience manufacturing at JB Springs

Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting Joey Driscoll and Finlay Petrucci, who completed a week of work experience with us at JB Springs (pictured above respectively with long-standing employee Tom Cox who runs our WAFIOS Aktiengesellschaft FUL86 and other coilers). They experienced a range of areas around the factory and enjoyed their experience learning about the Springtelligence behind our spring manufacturing. Finlay sent us a very kind card thanking us for offering him the opportunity. He wrote, [...]

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New Springtelligence video

We are constantly updating our bank of educational Springtelligence resources to keep you informed on all things springs. Our latest addition is a video demonstating the common end types of tension springs. Tension springs usually end as hooks or loops, which are subsequently attached to external components. When these components are pulled apart, the spring exerts a force to oppose the extension and return the objects to their original position. The appropriate spring end type is dependent on the [...]

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Caterpillar Crawler Renovation Completion

Towards the end of last year, our team at JB Springs provided a spring for a vintage 1926 2-ton Caterpillar (CAT) crawler machine; from 1925 to 1928, 8,565 of these were made before being discontinued. Its spec includes a 3-speed gear transmission, 10-inch tracks and a lever that acts as the steering wheel. We recently received some pictures of the fully-renovated crawler – with our spring sitting in pride of place on the starting handle at the front (see [...]

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Common Mistakes in Torsion Spring Design – Video

Our brand-new Springtelligence video looks at the common mistakes made when designing a torsion spring. The four main spring design flaws which we look at and demonstrate in this video are: - Incorrect direction of operation - Inside diameter too small - Body length too large - Overstressing It is also important to consider: - The size of the mandrel over which the spring operates. The inside diameter of a torsion spring reduces during deflection; therefore, if insufficient space [...]

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A Christmas Gift for the CAT

Recently, our team at JB Springs were asked for a spring that would fit a vintage 1926 2-ton Caterpillar (CAT) crawler machine. We were, of course, more than happy to help! Only 8,565 of this model were manufactured between 1925 and 1928 – in which year the 2-ton Caterpillar (pictured above) was discontinued. The machine has a 3-speed gear transmission, 10-inch tracks and a lever in place of a steering wheel. We gifted the spring for the CAT [...]

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