Tension Spring Rate [Video]

The rate is the strength of a spring as defined by Hooke's law. Hooke's Law states that the force needed to extend a spring is directly proportional to the distance you stretch it. Hooke's Law can be represented as F = ks. 'F' is the spring's restoring force 'k' is the spring constant 's' is the deflection (extension)

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Grant Funding Enables Productivity & Efficiency Improvements

Over the last few months there have been a number of developments at the JB Springs factory in Skipton that have already contributed to improvements in productivity and efficiency, which we expect to continue throughout 2019 and beyond. Improvements to both factory floor operations and our back-office systems and procedures have been made possible through a number of grant funded initiatives. Factory Expansion & Efficiency The JB Springs factory has been expanded by 6,000sq feet which includes a new [...]

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