‘Mad’ Inventor Colin Furze Replaces Bike Frame with Heavy Duty Springs

Internet inventor Colin Furze is renowned for his ‘mad inventions’. From his life-size Avengers-inspired Hulkbuster to the world’s fastest mobility scooter, Colin’s inventions range from the ingenious to the insane, and his latest project certainly caught our attention. Colin recently decided to replace a bicycle's traditional frame with three heavy-duty springs, which he creatively dubbed the ‘Bicycle of Springs’. Mark-I doesn’t quite work out as the inventor expected after deciding to weld some existing springs he had lying around [...]

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Spring Winding Direction [Video]

The latest video in our Springtelligence video series will show you the winding direction of a spring. If two compression springs have to operate together (one inside the other) it is important for them to be wound in opposite directions, this will prevent the coils from getting entangled.

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How to measure the length of a compression spring [Video]

The second video in our new Springtelligence video series will show you how to correctly measure the length of a compression spring. When specifying springs you must know your spring’s dimensions. There are millions of possibilities when it comes to spring design, so just knowing the working loads or the spring rate will not be enough as the spring can be any size in diameter or length. Watch the video to find out how to measure compression spring lengths. [...]

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