Springs at Work

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Springs are everywhere, and we rely on them to power small ordinary, everyday items, as well as huge multi-million pound aerospace and energy systems. In fact, you’re probably never more than five feet away from a spring of some kind.

Here is just a few of the industries that use springs…


It may come as a surprise that the electronics industry is reliant on springs and wireform products, but they have been used for many years in electrical equipment and appliances, such as telephones and mobiles, as well as in games console controllers and TV remote controls. The majority of these devices will include wireform products because of the diverse and multi-functional properties. Most of the clicks and pushes we do on these devices is down to wireform products as they work together with the motor circuit and vibration system to execute our requests.


From inside an electronic device in your pocket, to outside in the countryside, wherever you are, you’re never usually far away from a spring. Many of the farming vehicles we see out in the fields today such as tractors, combined harvesters and trailers, have heavy-duty extension springs fitted inside. Most of the extension springs fitted in farming machinery will either be in a hooked or looped form, but other variations are possible.


When you think of an off-shore oil rig a spring will unlikely be the first thing that comes to mind, though they’re used regularly on rigs to help sustain oil pressure levels. A compression spring is commonly used in oil drilling processes, as its robust properties can withstand the high temperatures required during various procedures.


A spring has many versatile uses, and in the automotive industry it’s no different. Most of the cars, buses, and lorries we see on our roads today have springs built in them. However, in today’s more modern cars you’re more likely to find smaller springs in the car’s interior than under the bonnet. Inside a vehicle, springs of various types and sizes can be found in seat belts, headrests, centre consoles, sunglasses holders and glove and other storage compartments.


Springs are crucial components in many tools and equipment used for construction. Whether it be a hand-held manual tool, power tool, or a heavy duty excavator. A durable spring inside of a tool could be the difference between a cut-out and a job completion.

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