Stock springs VS custom springs

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Custom Springs

At JB Springs we can assist in the design, testing and production of spring and wireform solutions to solve the most difficult of problems.

What is a custom spring design?

Essentially, a custom spring design is a spring created to a customer’s exact requirements – they are made to order. As well as this, other special features can be added in order to enhance the spring’s properties or to aid compatibility with mating parts.

What industries use custom springs?

Any industry can require a custom spring. It is likely that each industry, whether it be automotive or manufacturing, will have specific requirements for the spring itself.

What materials are used to manufacture custom springs?

The materials used for custom springs depend on the requirements of the spring. Some materials include; nickel alloys, copper alloys, standard carbon steels, all stainless steel grades and oil tempered wires. At JB Springs, our spring and wireform products and parts are made from 0.30mm – 27.00mm wire.

How do you know the custom springs will perform correctly?

JB Springs utilises high quality, state-of-the-art spring testing equipment and machinery which can perform a wide range of tests to accurately validate the spring design.

Stock springs

At JB Springs we can manufacture and supply compression springs, tension springs, and torsion springs in an expansive range of sizes and specifications. For more information about our range of springs please click here.

What is a stock spring?

Stock springs are those that are kept in a company’s inventory and are already made.

How many stock springs are there?

Usually, stock springs are broken down into three sections; compression springs, tension springs and torsion springs. Within these categories of springs, there are millions of springs available for a host of mechanical applications.

What industries use stock springs?

Stock springs are used by various industries, including (but not limited to) automotive, agricultural, and aerospace.

What is the difference between a custom spring and a stock spring?

Ultimately, the difference is custom springs are more specified than stock springs. Custom springs are used when the characteristics of the spring (length, rate, diameter etc.) need to be specified accurately to ensure the correct operation of the application that the spring is used for.

If you’re in need of a stock or custom spring or are unsure about what type of spring you need then contact us here.