Tension Springs or Compression Springs

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Tension and compression springs are one of the most commonly recognised springs, although each have distinct features and benefits in their own rights. So what are the differences and how can they help you with your project?

Although a tension and compression spring are both helical coiled springs, the difference in their functionality and purpose can be significant. In essence, tension springs are designed to bring components together, whilst compression springs are made to keep components apart.

Compression Springs or Tension Springs

Tension Springs

Tension springs are used in products such as levers, catches, brakes, trampolines, as well as many other applications. Without the implementation of tension springs, none of these products would be able to operate effectively. The design of the tightly-wounded coil springs is integral to enabling the tension load to stretch, then to exert a force which contracts the components back together. For this to be possible, the manufacturing process must ensure the design of the spring can hold components together.

Compression Springs

Compression springs are designed to do the opposite of tension springs. When a compression spring has a resistive force applied, it will put pressure on the spring to free it from its length to become shorter. After, it will push the force back against its load to return to its original position and length. Compression springs can be found in almost every industry, in many applications, due to the shape option choices: cylindrical, conical and hourglass. Typically, you can find compression springs in actuators, valves, suspension, dampers, as well as in the handling heavy loads.

Both of these springs can be manufactured from a variety of materials for intended projects. A range of factors need to be considered regarding material choice, for instance, environment conditions, prospect of rust and the level of stress the spring will be able to withstand.

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