‘Things on springs’ – Objects of Celebration

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JB Springs manufactures springs for a wide range of applications across many industries, but we are often approached to produce springs and wireforms for art and sculpture exhibitions.

One of our most recent requests was to produce a number of ‘whisk springs’ to be used as part of an art exhibition based around other celebratory objects. ‘Things on springs’ was exhibited at a solo show in Glasgow, at the fantastic venue, Studio Pavilion.

Claire Heminsley, a designer, maker, artist, and illustrator, got the idea for the installation from her cousin and a present she received.

Inspiration for the installation stemmed from Claire’s cousin, who worked in Papa New Guinea. She described constructions that she saw at celebrations and cultural shows where people created beautiful, symbolic and decorative headdresses for tribes. Materials used to decorate the headdresses were simple objects such as tinsel and plastic forks.

Further inspiration grew from an antique whisk she received as a present from a friend. These two inspirations triggered the design idea for the installation. Claire then approached JB Springs and we were able to perfectly replicate the antique whisk.

The springs were then decorated with various objects and materials that each told their own story.

Claire said:

“During the process of making the work for this exhibition, I realised that I was also celebrating the beauty within the most ordinary objects”

“From their factory in Skipton, JB Springs made me perfect replica springs and I spent the summer making things on springs. They all have their own story and will sit wobbling together; hopefully, they encapsulate the joyful feelings of celebration.”

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