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Torsion springs work by torsion or twisting. As the spring is twisted it applies a resistive torque. This torque increases at a linear rate. Torsion springs should always be designed so that the force or torque causes the spring to tighten (i.e. if the torsion or twisting action is in a clockwise direction the spring should be anti-clockwise or left-hand wound.) They can be used in the other direction but the operating stresses are likely to cause problems.

These springs can have an endless number of leg designs. These fall into the three categories of tangential legs, radial legs and axial legs. In addition, torsion springs can be single (with one coiled body) or double (with the two helical bodies connected by a central leg) and can be closed or open coiled.

There are a wide range of uses for torsion springs, and are normally used over a mandrel. JB Springs can manufacture and supply a wide range of torsion spring from small torsion springs used in electrical equipment and hinges to larger torsion springs used in agricultural equipment.

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Torsion Spring Parameters

The following parameters are important in establishing the correct design of torsion springs:

  • The size of any mandrel over which the spring is to work. As a torsion spring deflects, its inside diameter reduces and failures are likely if the spring begins to grip the mandrel

  • The size of any hole in which the spring fits

  • The lateral space available. As a torsion spring deflects it increases in length and failures are likely if this growth cannot be accommodated in the application

  • The torques/forces required and the rotation at which they are required

  • The operating environment. This will determine the choice of material and/or the choice of any finish for corrosion protection

  • The maximum working deflection required

  • The frequency of operation

  • How and where the spring is to be fitted. This will determine type of ends required

  • Please Note: Given the complexities of torsion springs, we would recommend that designs are thoroughly checked

Manufacturing Quality & Value For Life

JB Springs has over 128 years’ experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of torsion springs.

Excellence is our standard

Utilising the latest spring design and production technology, we can manufacture torsion springs and custom parts to help our customers across a wide range of industries and we always welcome the opportunity to help customers obtain the best possible solution for their product.

We have stablished an enviable reputation for quality in the manufacture of our torsion springs and understand the importance of maintaining the very highest standards whilst ensuring delivery deadlines are met. Our emphasis on quality is evident throughout the factory and in our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

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