The Show Must Go On

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John Binns regularly gets asked to look at resolving problems for customers.  Two recent, one-off projects illustrate this.

The first was a request from a theatre set designer for a pair of springs to raise a bed for a show that was days away from premiering on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  With the team at John Binns having been set the brief, a design and calculations were made and a final solution arrived at within the hour.  Once this design was confirmed, the springs were manufactured and despatched within a couple of days.

A different problem was posed by the owner of a classic Jaguar XJS convertible.  The radiator hose kept collapsing and he hoped a spring could be used to act as a supporting skeleton for the irregularly shaped hose.  Once again a specific, quick turnaround was required to match when the car was in for a service.  Having received the hose, a spring was designed, made and fitted into the contours of the hose.  A speedy response for a speedy Jag!