Compression springs are the most common type of helical spring. As the spring is compressed from its free length it applies a resistive force. This increases at a linear rate for a standard compression spring with constant diameter and pitch.

Compression springs have a wide range of uses and are found in most mechanical applications; such as valves, actuators, suspensions and switches, to name a few. They are also commonly used to reduce vibration and to assist in handling heavy loads.

Compression Spring Parameters
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Compression Spring Parameters

Compression Spring Parameters

The following parameters are important in establishing the correct design of compression springs:

  • The size of any hole the spring works in

  • The size of any rod or spigot the spring fits over

  • The loads/forces required and the lengths at which they are required

  • The maximum working deflection required

  • The frequency of operation

  • The operating environment. This will determine the choice of material and/or the choice of any finish for corrosion protection

Compression Spring Parameters

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