Compression Springs Are All Around Us

The most common type of spring you’ll come across (unless you’re a spring manufacturer) is a compression spring, due to its immense number of applications. So what is a compression spring and how does it work? A compression spring is a helical spring designed to resist pressure once applied. When a force is loaded onto the spring, it will put pressure on the spring to free it from its length to become shorter. Next, it will push the force [...]

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JB Springs Shortlisted as Finalist in Skipton Business Awards

JB Springs is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist in the 'Best Manufacturing/Engineering Business' category of the Skipton Business Awards. Organisers say they are delighted to have attracted so many entries in the second year of the awards which aims to showcase businesses in Skipton and the BD23 postcode area. Matt Cornish, Head Judge on the panel said: “It was good to see so many new entrants this year. The quality of entries, and [...]

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How to measure the length of a compression spring [Video]

The second video in our new Springtelligence video series will show you how to correctly measure the length of a compression spring. When specifying springs you must know your spring’s dimensions. There are millions of possibilities when it comes to spring design, so just knowing the working loads or the spring rate will not be enough as the spring can be any size in diameter or length. Watch the video to find out how to measure compression spring lengths. [...]

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How to count spring coils [Video]

The first video in our new Springtelligence video series will show you how to correctly count the coils of a spring. If you think this sounds easy, then you might be surprised to learn that counting the coils of a spring is one of the most frequently misinterpreted concepts of spring manufacturing. Failure to count and specify coils correctly can result in errors in specification drawings which can then carry through to the final production of the spring. Watch [...]

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Springtelligence Programme Launched for 2018 The Year of Engineering

JB Springs is delighted to announce that we have today begun rolling out our ‘Springtelligence’ programme; a newly developed series of learning experiences to engage and inspire the next generation of spring engineers as well as providing them with knowledge and skills in the areas of spring engineering and manufacturing. 2018 The Year of Engineering campaign is a joint initiative between the government and industry to give thousands of young people inspiring experiences of engineering, as part of a [...]

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Tension Springs or Compression Springs

Tension and compression springs are one of the most commonly recognised springs, although each have distinct features and benefits in their own rights. So what are the differences and how can they help you with your project? Although a tension and compression spring are both helical coiled springs, the difference in their functionality and purpose can be significant. In essence, tension springs are designed to bring components together, whilst compression springs are made to keep components apart. Tension Springs [...]

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Manufacturing order books close to a 30-year high

Manufacturing in Britain has remained close to a 30-year high in Q4, according to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) industrial trends survey. The survey completed by 371 manufacturers saw a surge in order book levels due to a strong demand in the motor vehicles, transport equipment and mechanical engineering sectors. As a result, total order books in the three months to December are at the same pace as the highest rate since August 1988. Many manufacturers pleasantly saw [...]

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3D printing is evolving in the manufacturing value chain

3-D printing is continuing to gain market penetration in the manufacturing industry as demand rises for orders to meet necessary speed, cost and quality standards. The leveraging of 3-D printing continues in the manufacturing landscape as many companies are quickly seeing positive impacts on overall financial performances and improvements in efficiency. Currently, many manufacturers are prioritising installing 3-D printers as they are realising the benefits it has to their business and value chain. Design and prototyping The development process [...]

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UTCs offer students with skills ready for work, report finds

A study conducted by the National Foundation for Educational Research, on behalf of the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Edge Foundation has described pupils at UTCs as ‘young professionals ready for work’. The report also found University Technical Colleges (UTCs) help learners' to become “well-rounded, work-ready students” and give students work-ready skills such as, project management, communication skills, alongside their technical skills. The findings were released in this month’s Evaluation of University Technical Colleges – Year 1 report, [...]

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