What is the future of manufacturing?

Innovate UK discusses the future of manufacturing, and how technologies including 3D printing and the Internet of Things (IoT) will play a part in product design and production engineering.What will manufacturing be like in 20, or even 50 years’ time? Experts predict a total paradigm shift in how we manufacture products. New technology in 3D printing and the Internet of Things will change our production and consumption habits.This will allow consumers to receive customised products as and when they need them. Manufacturing will be [...]

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JB Springs welcomes Holy Family Catholic School for Bradford Manufacturing Week 2018

This month we welcomed the Years 11 pupils of Holy Family Catholic High School based in Keighley, West Yorkshire, to the JB Springs factory as part of Bradford Manufacturing Week. Bradford Manufacturing Week takes place between the 8th and 12th of October. The unique event showcases the district’s manufacturing companies. The idea is to encourage and educate young people around the opportunities that a career in manufacturing can bring, and how rewarding and fulfilling it can be. Launched by [...]

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Spring Technology Forum

Social media has a role to play for the general benefit of manufacturing communities such as spring manufacturers. One of the most active online forums in the industry is the ‘Spring Technology Forum’ on LinkedIn. It is a vehicle in which the world community of spring manufacturers may air technology ideas for the short or long term future of our industry. That is to say ideas or wish lists for which the opinions of others are seeking to gain [...]

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What are sacrificial coatings?

Metal finishing processes such as Zinc Plating are described as being ‘sacrificial’ in nature, but what does this term actually refer to? Oxidation When metals such as steel, and in our case, steel springs, are exposed to the elements they will often undergo a process called Oxidation which is corrosive in nature. Iron molecules within the steel’s makeup react with the water and oxygen in the environment to form hydrated iron oxide which we commonly know as rust. How do [...]

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STEM Skills Gap – Dispelling the myths and closing the gap

There exists a skills gap in many manufacturing sectors, and this is as true of springmaking as any other sector. This applies in most countries today as manufacturing careers are viewed unfavourably by school children at the time they are selecting the subjects they wish to study at the end of their school career, or when applying for University. Jobs in digital and the service sector, in clean warm offices, are attracting too large a proportion of the able [...]

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Stock springs VS custom springs

Custom Springs At JB Springs we can assist in the design, testing and production of spring and wireform solutions to solve the most difficult of problems. What is a custom spring design? Essentially, a custom spring design is a spring created to a customer’s exact requirements - they are made to order. As well as this, other special features can be added in order to enhance the spring’s properties or to aid compatibility with mating parts. What industries use [...]

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