New Projects for 3D Production System At John Binns

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As well as continuing to print checking jigs and fixtures to aid inspection of complex 3D geometries, we are now also helping customers in the design and production of rapid prototypes.


In an automotive component application, the customer requested sample spring parts, but were unable to provide specific rates and dimensions as no mating parts were available.  John Binns were able to provide the solution; working straight from the customer’s own CAD drawing STEP files, all of the required parts were produced.  The springs were then designed and fitted, providing them with a full size working model.  Slight design modifications were requested which led to a second prototype being made and accepted.  This all took place in a two week period advancing a project, which had previously stalled for several months.

Another example of how 3D printing can save time and money was working with a valve manufacturing company. A new design for a valve, again incorporating a spring and wireform was required for the customer to check fit and assembly methods. John Binns overnight manufactured all the parts required to again produce a full working model, without the time and expense of producing castings, tooling and machining.

If you have any requirements for design development, rapid prototyping, working models or our jigs and fixtures please contact us.