Compression Springs Are All Around Us

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The most common type of spring you’ll come across (unless you’re a spring manufacturer) is a compression spring, due to its immense number of applications.

So what is a compression spring and how does it work?

A compression spring is a helical spring designed to resist pressure once applied. When a force is loaded onto the spring, it will put pressure on the spring to free it from its length to become shorter. Next, it will push the force back against its load to return to its original position and length.

Take a look at a compression spring in action below:

This common spring can be manufactured to various shape types including, cylindrical, conical and hourglass. As well as this, it has applications across a vast range of industries, including: agriculture, manufacturing, construction and transportation to name just a few.

Here are some of the most common uses of a compression spring:

Ballpoint Pens

An item most of us use each day is reliant on a compression spring. Typically, ballpoint pens are manufactured to include this spring type, in order to provide the necessary retraction and elasticity function. As a pen top is pushed, it will compress the spring down, then release the push-pin once it reaches the bottom compartment to create the click noise.

Door Locks

The process of locking and unlocking a door is a routine task most of us do, but it wouldn’t be possible without a compression spring being installed inside the lock mechanism. An essential component in safeguarding our homes, businesses and vehicles.

Automotive Industry

Compression springs are regularly made for mechanical components in the automotive industry. Usually, they are installed in vehicles to reduce vibration, assist with heavy loads and to increase comfortability. You may find them under your seat, under the bonnet and, on older cars, under your feet.

Mattress Comfort

A compression spring is a fundamental component for a mattress to provide the support and comfort each one of us seeks in our sleeps. There is a range of compression spring types that can be manufactured for use in a mattress, with the most common a cylindrical tube of coiled wires, or pocket spring.

Pogo Sticks

Okay, so maybe most of don’t use one these every day, but this favourite childhood toy is only as much fun as it is thanks to a compression spring.

The pogo stick is dependent on springs located in the handlebars and footpads, and an additional larger spring installed internally in the centre. The pogo stick works by once the user has climbed on the device, and jumps standing on the appliance, the springs compress and store kinetic energy. As the pogo stick reaches the ground, the spring decompresses to push the energy back in the opposite direction.

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