First part for CGR International and use of the CGR strain laboratory

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Since officially becoming part of the CGR International family in January of this year, we have now produced our first ever part for CGR Montrichard – which was more than a bit unusual…! The part is a 16mm wire, variable pitch, conical spring. It was great to be able to support another company within the CGR group and we’re excited for the future opportunities which will become available to us.

Another market-leading aspect of the CGR group is their STRAIN laboratory facilities. The CGR STRAIN laboratory (Spring Technology ReseArch Institute) is a research and development centre providing access to excellent academic resources to support the highest quality of spring and wireform design and production.

The prevention of spring fatigue, optimisation of end coils and reduction of spring mass are just a few of the projects under research by the lab, which was established with the cooperation of the Clement Ader Institute (CAI) – a research laboratory based in Toulouse University studying structures, systems and mechanical processes in mechanical industries.

At JB Springs, we have already made use of the STRAIN laboratory’s capabilities – including life cycle testing and material analysis. This enhances the services we can offer to our customers.