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How to measure the length of a compression spring

The second video in our new Springtelligence video series will show you how to correctly measure the length of a compression spring. When specifying springs you must know your spring’s dimensions. There are millions of possibilities when it comes to spring design, so just knowing the working loads or the spring rate will not be enough as the spring can be any [...]

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How to count spring coils [Video]

The first video in our new Springtelligence video series will show you how to correctly count the coils of a spring. If you think this sounds easy, then you might be surprised to learn that counting the coils of a spring is one of the most frequently misinterpreted concepts of spring manufacturing. Failure to count and specify coils correctly [...]

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Springtelligence Programme Launched for 2018 The Year of Engineering

JB Springs is delighted to announce that we have today begun rolling out our ‘Springtelligence’ programme; a newly developed series of learning experiences to engage and inspire the next generation of spring engineers as well as providing them with knowledge and skills in the areas of spring engineering and manufacturing. 2018 The Year of Engineering campaign is a joint [...]

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Tension Springs or Compression Springs

Tension and compression springs are one of the most commonly recognised springs, although each have distinct features and benefits in their own rights. So what are the differences and how can they help you with your project? Although a tension and compression spring are both helical coiled springs, the difference in their functionality and purpose can be significant. In [...]

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Your life has far more springs in than you think

Springs are a fundamental part of our day-to-day lives. Often out of plain sight, it is likely you’ll encounter something that incorporates a functioning spring of some description. Take getting to work, whatever mode of transport you use - most use some kind of spring. Below are just some of the most common, but surprising, occurrences of springs in [...]

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