JB Springs Complete Robot Training With RARUK Automation

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Christian, Steve, Tom, and Joe (and Kevin the Robot) completed their robot training with RARUK Automation.

JB Springs acquired a robotic arm that needed to complete Springtelligence training before it joined the production team – just like any other employee(!) Some of the JB Springs team also had to learn how to use the UR10 E series robot.

The team carried out training with RARUK Automation, a UK robotics and automation company that specialise in collaborative robots, industrial robots, automation and feeding systems for the UK industry.

At JB Springs, we are continually striving to develop our processes as a leading spring manufacturer, therefore investing in a universal robotic arm has allowed us to take secondary operations off our main production machines. Now the robotic arm is fully Springtelligence trained, it will help improve our productivity and quality of our compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs and wireform products.

Well done to those who completed the robot training!