Our New Spring Manufacturing Machinery

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We continually invest in new machinery and new tools for our compression springs, tension springs, torsion spring and wireform parts. This is part of our commitment to JB Springs staying at the forefront of spring manufacturers

Recently, we welcomed a second Itaya RX20 CNC machine to our purpose-built facility – which you can see in action below and in several videos we’ve filmed and uploaded to our JB Springs YouTube channel – Welcoming the Itaya RX20 and JB Springs ITAYA RX20 at work. Using a rotary wire feed and wire guide mechanism, the machine produces tension and torsion springs and wireform from 0.5mm – 2.0mm wire. The laser measurement and inspection camera capabilities enable us to produce accurate, high-quality parts from 0.3mm up to 12mm wire.

JB Springs ITAYA RX20

JB Springs ITAYA RX20 machine producing a torsion spring.

We also invested in a new laser cutter – an AMADA LASMAC LC2415 Alpha IV NT. This has a max cutting speed of 20m/min. The max feed speed along the X and Y axes is 80m/min and 60m/min along the Z-axis. Using a CO₂ hybrid style laser and ball screw drive system, the machine cuts a maximum sheet of 5040mm x 1550mm x 300mm.