Factory Tour for Year 10 Pupils of Skipton Girls’ High School

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Last month we welcomed the Year 10 pupils of Skipton Girls’ High School to the factory, who were visiting a number of local companies to broaden their awareness of different engineering organisations.

In any engineering industry there are physics involved, raw materials and processes, which all align with the curriculum content within the GCSE Engineering Specification.

During their visit to JB Springs the students were provided with a presentation talk and tour of the factory facilities to show how raw materials are transformed into engineered products, in our case; springs! Students were able to witness the full process from initial concept to manufacturing, inspecting and finally distribution of the finished products.

The pupils also visited two other companies on nearby Snaygill Industrial Estate; Guysons and Norvap.

Guysons predominantly use sheet metal to press, stamp and form into blast cabinets. These can then be used to apply a variety of surface finishes to different products.

Norvap uses billets of metal, predominantly aluminium, and machines these into the component parts of an anaesthesia unit for the medical and veterinary markets.

The engineering students now have further visits planned to Rolls Royce, Kaman Aerospace and Jaguar Land Rover.