‘Mad’ Inventor Colin Furze Replaces Bike Frame with Heavy Duty Springs

Categories: Design and Innovation, Springs, Springtelligence, Videos|162 words|0.8 min read|By |Published On: June 11th, 2018|

Internet inventor Colin Furze is renowned for his ‘mad inventions’. From his life-size Avengers-inspired Hulkbuster to the world’s fastest mobility scooter, Colin’s inventions range from the ingenious to the insane, and his latest project certainly caught our attention.

Colin recently decided to replace a bicycle’s traditional frame with three heavy-duty springs, which he creatively dubbed the ‘Bicycle of Springs’.

Mark-I doesn’t quite work out as the inventor expected after deciding to weld some existing springs he had lying around – an absolute no-no in spring manufacturing! But after ordering two sets of firmer custom compression springs he finally manages to make the bike ‘ridable’ with the Bicycle of Springs Mark-III, however due to a lack of tension the bike’s chain repeatedly comes off.

The video is well-worth a watch to see the comedic process and while we love Colin’s enthusiasm and are big fans of his videos, perhaps a little more ‘Springtelligence’ should be applied for Mark IV.